How to transfer music from PC to iPhone

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Most of the time, new iOS users want to know how to transfer music from PC to iPhone. A lot of users already have their own library of songs on their PC. Buying new music from iTunes is always an option but it is expensive and redundant. Why buy a song when you already have it?

Other people may also have actual CD’s of the songs they like. What they can do is ‘rip’ these songs from the CD’s and store them on their computer as MP3, MP4 or AAC files. If you’re looking to transfer files to your iPod or iPhone, the AAC file extension is much better but the other file types are still viable.

If your songs aren’t arranged or even named correctly, you have to put up with an unsightly music library. Make sure that your iTunes client has detected all the music you want to transfer or at least all the music on your device.

Once you have your music arranged and iTunes updated, plug in your iPod or your iPhone. If this is the first time you’re plugging your device into the computer, iTunes will set up and register the device first. After registration, here is how to transfer music to iPod or iPhone:

1. Plug in your iPhone.

2. Once iTunes recognizes the device, click the Music tab at the top of iTunes. This brings up the menu for syncing music.

3. Check the box for ‘Sync Music’. Then choose if you want to sync all the songs or sync only selected songs and albums.

4. If you want to sync all your songs to your iPhone, click the Sync button on the bottom right of iTunes. If you want to sync or transfer only a few songs, check the artist or playlist where the songs are included as displayed by iTunes. Then click ‘sync’.

5. Wait for the music to transfer. There’s a status bar at the top so you can monitor the progress.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure that the songs you’re transferring are checked and that the playlists are in order. You can’t transfer songs individually to the iPhone but have to do so by album, artist or playlist. Make sure that the iPhone is completely finished syncing before you unplug it.

An alternative way on how to transfer music from PC to iPhone is through certain file explorer apps, but keep in mind that this way does not allow you to listen to the songs using the native music app.


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