How to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android

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For people who have or plan to get the newest phone from Apple after using Android, it’s important to know how to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android. Something that most users never expect that the most tedious part of setting up a new phone is migrating contacts from your old one.

In the case of the latest iPhone 5s, the old method of simply copying contacts to a SIM card and loading them onto the phone isn’t going to work. The iPhone 5 and 5s usually need a nano SIM card to function, which most Android phones haven’t adopted. Unless you want to risk a seedy mobile phone store cutting your SIM card up, here are some ways how to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android:

1. Use Facebook.

Thanks to additional functions, Facebook can save mobile phone numbers and associate the digits with your Facebook friends. Provided that your friends all put their phone numbers in their FAcebook accounts and all your contacts are on FAcebook, you’re good to go. Go to the Settings app then the Contacts option. From there, include your FAcebook porfile on how your iPhone 5 lists contacts. Just wait for your phone to sync and you are now ready!

2. Use Google.

Irony of ironies, Google can be used to migrate or transfer contacts to iPhone from Android. Open your Google account on the Android phone first and export all your contacts to Google. This includes email addresses, profiles and mobile numbers. when you’ve opened your iPhone, open the Settings app and the Contacts option. From there, choose to migrate contacts from Google.

3. The SIM Card thing still works.

If you somehow use a micro or nano SIM card on your Android phone before you go to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, you can use an earring or pin to open the SIM card tray and put the SIM in. From there, go to the Settings app and the Contacts option again. Choose the option towards the bottom that says ‘Import Contacts from SIM’. Afterwards, take the SIM card out and put the one you’re using in back inside the iPhone.


Lastly, there is also the traditional and tedious way of importing contacts through manual labor. Think of it as a way to clean your contacts list. But if you’re smart about it, you use the cloud as your main go-to on how to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android.

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