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How to teach kids to use gadgets mindfully

Allow them to enjoy kid-friendly apps.

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Manage your kid’s screen time with Troomi:

  • Teach your kids use gadgets and the Internet responsibly
  • Protect your kids from hate comments, bullying, pornography, and predators online
  • Improve your kids' creativity and skills through informative apps
  • Encourage your kids to balance their time
  • Build safe spaces for your kids online

Since everything is digital now and technology has been continuously evolving, one of the most common parental concerns is their kids’ usage of gadgets and social media. In a short period of time, kids can get exposed to things online that may harm them psychologically and mentally without your knowledge.

Kids are prone to disinformation, hate comments, bullying, harassment, pornography, and predators online. That’s why it’s so important to guide them and monitor their screen time. The best way to do this without monitoring them all the time, particularly on your busiest days, is with Troomi.

Troomi has KidsSmart apps installed on it, which have parental cloud-based access to software for network security for kids. No other apps can be found on the device aside from the apps selected in the Troomi Parent Portal. It works on Samsung A12 and Samsung A32.

Troomi’s KidsSmart apps are carefully crafted and intended to help kids excel in school, enjoy healthy hobbies, develop their talents, and use gadgets responsibly. They will also protect your kids from bullies, pornography, and even addictive games that may have a negative influence on them. This way, they can manage their time and develop their learning and maturity. 

Troomi only offers phone calls and SMS texting as well. For younger kids, you can schedule phone time and app access based on the time of the day. It also features GPS for location services, phone number SafeListing, spam call prevention, and apps that are only available over WiFi to ensure extra security for your kids. 

Once your kids are of the right age and are knowledgeable enough about the proper use of gadgets and the Internet, you can start to enable other features such as group texting, picture and video messages, safe browser with domain SafeListing available over WiFi, and other KidSmart apps for learning and creativity.

The Troomi Parent Portal is incredibly easy to navigate, as well. You can conveniently manage the apps that your kids use and track their location as long as they have their devices with them. You can also see the remaining battery life on their device and WiFi status. It basically doubles as a GPS tracking device. Teach your kids to become mindful of using devices and the Internet at an early age with Troomi.