How To Switch from an iPhone To An Android Smartphone With The Right Apps

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How To Switch from an iPhone To An Android Smartphone With The Right Apps

We recently featured steps on ?How To Switch from an iPhone To An Android Smartphone Without The iMessage And Other Problems? ( ), and we continue with further tips on how to make the change from the iPhone to an Android smartphone, without sacrificing your productivity and ?smartphone? experience.

One of the best ways to get rid of the ?iPhone nostalgia? is by getting the must have apps to make your Android smartphone as functional and fun as your previous Apple device.

Many Android fans will swear that Android has ?better? apps than the iOS / iPhone. I will let you judge for yourself, and the first step is heading on to the Google Play store. Let’s go.

What are the critical apps that you need to download from the Google Play Store:

  1. Swift Key ? This will transform the way you type text and symbols on your Android smartphone. Swift Key takes note of your typing habits ? from chat, emails, text messages, status updates, tweets, and other services where you need to type, and gives suggestions on what you intend to say. You will be surprised at how accurate the suggestions can be, as if Swift Key can read your mind. Try it.
  2. Widgets ? One of the things that Android has over the iPhone is the use of widgets (those apps that run on your home display). The Android smartphone you selected (is it the HTC One M8 or the Samsung Galaxy S5? ) will come with pre-loaded widgets, but you can get more for just any function or tool that you might need. There are widgets to enable and disable services (like GPS or 4G), widgets to monitor your battery strength, a widget for Google search and many more. Widgets do more than just being a button to launch apps, and this is what makes the Android home screen ?better? than the iPhone. Grab some at the Google Play Store now.
  3. Browser = Chrome. Chrome = Browser. When it comes to mobile browsers, Chrome is simply the best. If your?Android smartphone comes pre-loaded with a different kind of browser, better download Chrome immediately. It’s faster, smoother and gives your surfing and searching a much more awesome experience than any browser can deliver. Enough said.
  4. Music ? You can opt for the Spotify mobile app (comes with a monthly subscription) as it provides outstanding music streaming compared to other services. If you prefer not to shell out any money, the Google Play Music app can store up to 20,000 songs for free.
  5. ES File Explorer ? This Android app provides access to the files in your smartphone with ease (unlike the tedious iOS system).
  6. TV watching apps ? to enjoy viewing your favorite shows on your Android device, make sure to get the Netflix or HBO apps.
  7. Social Networking ? The Android apps available are said to have better functionality than their iOS / iPhone counterparts. Whether you are in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn and other services, there is an app for it in your Google Play Store.
  8. Nova Launcher ? This is just one of the apps that can make you customize the look and feel of your Android smartphone.

Now that we have featured some clever tips on how to make the iPhone to Android switch easier, the bigger question is, should you even switch.

Why go Android when staying with the iPhone makes your life simpler and uncomplicated.

Real iPhone fans will never accept any argument about why Android would be a better choice. But for those open to suggestions, Android users will swear that compared to the iPhone, the Android OS provides a more open system that results into better tools, like maps and syncing with your Google accounts. Also, they will argue that the best apps for the iPhone are also there for Android, but there are Android apps (like Swift Key) that cannot be used on your Apple iOS device.

One last thing. As Google consolidates its various services ? music, video, phone, e-wallet, browsing, search, networking, Google Docs, photos, cloud storage? in mobile devices, Android will be playing a more active part in all of these tools. So if you are one of those who heavily use Google services on your laptop or PC, switching to Android would be a logical move.

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