How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single

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Valentine?s day is just around the corner and a lot of couples are just too excited about it. Men and women will be buying flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and Valentine?s cards all over the place. But how about the single people? Will singles awareness suffice? I?m guessing it won?t. Many single people will be all over the place complaining why they are still all this time.

However, being single isn?t necessarily a bad thing. You can do whatever you want. You have all the time in the world without Valentine?s day reminding of how lonely you really are. Here are a list of things you can do to survive Valentine?s day.

  1. Call your favorite pizza resto and order a box. Alone with pizza is a whole lot better than being completely alone. Don?t share the whole thing. Eat the entire box!
  2. Buy the funniest cards you see in your usual card shops and send them to yourself. Laugh yourself to kill the pain. Just kidding. Everyone deserves a couple of laughs and you are not an exemption. Also, everyone likes stuff sent through mail. Yay!
  3. Buy yourself a nice bottle of champagne or wine. It doesn?t need to be super expensive but something above 20$ would be nice from time to time.
  4. Do no invite your single friends and watch romantic movies while complaining and ranting about your crappy love life. I mean it was nice when we were in high school or college but now it?s just plain annoying. Life is just on the edge now of gloomy and clich?d. Not only that, Channing Tatum or Emma Stone is just too much! Don?t even think about it!
  5. Watch movies that you know your boyfriend or girlfriend would scoff to death if you ever tried to watch that. Cheesy and classic 90s teen flicks work wonders. The Notebook does not!

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