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How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single Part 4

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  1. As what was said earlier, take care of your friend?s dog who are out for Valentine?s Dinner. Because dogs give unconditional love and snuggling on the couch for one night while you?re using someone else?s cable can totally make anyone feel better. However, only do this if you have genuine love for pets.
  2. By the way, Season 2 of House of Cards will be airing on February 14th. Because Papa Kevin knows you?re deeply hurt, and he wants to make you feel a bit better.
  3. Remember that it is just one gloomy day out of the many, and a little winged child who likes to poke people with sticks does not define love. Love is earned and not forced. If there will be a time that you meet somebody, you can celebrate a great Valentine?s together. A date Valentine?s day might be nice, but really, has nothing to do with the concept of love.
  4. Get groomed and get yourself a nice haircut. Buy brand new clothes and feel sexy. Feel good and look good!
  5. You can go on a date with someone who likes you. It might seem like a desperate thing to do on Valentine?s Day but just maybe both of you will be feeling so raw and exposed that it might make the feelings grow faster (Take note: Only do this when you actually some feelings for ther person, not just because you feel obliged to on a date).
  6. Eat and go have a nice dinner. The type of dinner that lasts for hours and leaves you bloated. Get drunk with some red wine. Even if your heart is empty at least your tummy is full!
  7. Text all of your exes and tell them they gave you an STD! Just kidding, don?t do it.
  8. Go out of town! Go and leave your city! It can?t be Valentine?s Day EVERYWHERE, right? Just hang and chill somewhere nice for a change!
  9. Also know that Valentine?s Day is a horrible holiday and it?s okay if it?s making you feel all sad because you?re single. You?re only human after all
  10. Buy half-priced candy on February 15th. Just because the wrapper is discolored mean its gone bad. Any uneaten surplus is your gain. Eat your heart out.
  11. Lastly, don?t feel sad for yourself. Know that someday you will meet the right one. It just so happened it?s not now.

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