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How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single Part 3

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  1. Download Tinder (by the way we have an article about too if you?re curious. It will really help you out. I promise.), You will actually see many other people are using the app in a last desperate effort to hook up. See! You?re not the only one who?s alone on Valentine?s day! Besides, the little ego boost you get, you will eventually (or hopefully) find a match and somebody thinks you?re attractive is enough to throw away the feeling of being forever alone.
  2. Call up your parents and say hi. You can then proceed to ask them about their first meeting. You can also ask your friends or co-workers how they meet their significant other. It may seem a bit bittersweet to torture yourself over not having a partner yet, but their stories will usually end up in the saying that ?the right person is worth waiting for?. Don?t settle for someone just because you are desperate on that day.
  3. Throw a party, a Christmas or a Thanksgiving party, a Birthday party. Whatever party that floats your boat is fine. Decorate the place with whatever them you have in mind, and you and your friends (both single and coupled) will have so much fun in the weirdest party ever.
  4. Spend quality time with your younger cousins or babysit for the neighbors who live across the street. A kid?s love the best kind of love, being in its purest and most honest form. There is a big chance that they?ll give you a paper card and share a little Valentine?s love with you.
  5. Adopt a cute little pet kitty. Cat people are usually really nice (sometimes a bit creepy, but we?re not judging). Dogs are fine pets too, but a cat?s indifference (not really caring) will keep you humble and remind you of the kind of love you have to earn through time is actually worth it. Take note, only do this if you intend to love and care for Fluffy for the rest of the year.

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