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How to Stream Xbox One Games On Your Windows 10 PC

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Have you ever wanted to play your Xbox One Games on your Windows 10 laptop or PC? Are you unable to use your Xbox One because your friends or family are watching movies or TV shows?

The release of Microsoft?s Windows 10 has brought numerous capabilities for its users including the ability to stream Xbox One Games. With this, we give you our how-to-guide to stream?Xbox One Games on your PC.

Step 1

Open your Xbox One Console and Your PC

Step 2

Launch the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC

Step 3

Create or sign into your Xbox Live account

Step 4

Turn on your Xbox One

Step 5

On the Xbox One, navigate to the settings menu and then preferences. Tick ?Allow game streaming to other devices?.

Step 6

On the PC, go to the left-hand navigation and click ?connect? to link you your PC and Xbox One on a wireless network.

You should see Xbox One as devices available to connect to, but if not, do this to obtain your console?s IP address:

  • Settings> Network> Advanced Settings
  • Enter the IP address in the field on ?Add a Device? window
  • Press connect

Step 7

Go to the Xbox app?s home menu > go to recently played list > pick a game you want to play> Press ?Play from Console?.

Step 8

You?ll see ?Stream? which will enable you to live stream immediately to Xbox One. Press this and you?re good to go!

Have problems with streaming? Encountering Lag?

You?ll see ?Test Streaming? on Step 8 which can be used for troubleshooting your connection

The default encoding level is medium. If you encounter lag on medium encoding level, head to settings in the Xbox app and go to Game Streaming. Change to either High or Low encoding level to see what works for you.

Done! What now?

You can access all your Xbox One menus and basically operate any Xbox One features on your Windows 10 device. You can use this not just for gaming but also for other features such as utilizing Windows 10?s Game DVR to record up to two hours of gameplay. You can now also use your Xbox 360 controller to play your Xbox One games.

If you find this feature neat, you may soon be able to do things the other way around as Microsoft said they are planning to allow?the Xbox One to Stream PC Games.

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