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For whatever reason you have, there might be times when you?d rather be completely anonymous, whether it?s to a certain community where you?re quite well-known, or to your own friends or family. You could want to put up a risqu? blog or delve into something not-quite allowed in certain circles of society. Another reason could be that you want to get on Silk Road without the danger of repercussions from searches and IP address monitoring.

Some users want to make sure, on the other hand, that the government is not monitoring their usage simply because of the principle of the matter. These online privacy advocates have their hearts in the right places but their work is being used for more nefarious ends.

In any case, your reasons are myriad and many, and we are here simply to provide information on protection and how to stay anonymous online. Here are some things you can do to stay anonymous online:

  1. Buy a laptop with cash. You have to make sure that your device is clean; this means getting it off the store fresh without any information or keys that can be traced. Paying in cash also helps you avoid any transactions traced back to the laptop. The point is that the laptop can be traced but it can?t be traced back to you.
  2. Install a Linux-Libro Distribution for operating system. The OS-switch from standard Windows is a bit harder to hack and get into since it?s not a standard OS. What?s more, other programs that can help protect your usage data and identity are native or better-suited to this type of OS.
  3. Configure your settings so they only connect to the internet using Tor. In case you didn?t know, Tor is a free software that lets you bounce your connection off various other relays in the world, which are run by volunteers. This makes it infinitely more difficult for monitoring agencies to trace which sites you?ve visited.
  4. Use different login names and passwords for every account, forum or profile you access on the internet. When the site you want to use requires email registration, use disposable addresses from expiring email address services or Tormail.
  5. Make use of Pretty Good Privacy or PGP program that allows you to encrypt messages, emails, files you create and all the directories in partitions.

Keep in mind that these measures only make it extremely hard for people who want to look into your usage to actually do so; it?s not entirely impossible. How to stay anonymous online is a mix of vigilance and prevention.


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