How To Send and Receive Text Message and Phone Calls on Your Mac

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Google Voice
Google Voice

When OS X Yosemite for Mac was first announced, one feature stood among all, and it was the ability to send and receive text messages, as well as receive and make phone calls. This feature was called Continuity. Unfortunately, it was yet to be implemented with any Yosemite revision. The good thing is, there?s an alternative solution to this. You can still do all these, even without Yosemite.

You will be needing 3 things in order for this setup to work

  • Google Voice: This allows you to create a secondary number or any existing number with any provider which will let phone calls and text messages go through Google?s system.
  • Google Hangout: This app allows you to make and receive calls.
  • VoiceMac: This app allows you to send and receive text messages.

Google Voice is similar to Skype. It is a VOIP service with a list of cool features. One of the most notable features of Google Voice are, low rates for international calls, free local calls and text messaging and voicemails.

The first thing you need to do is create a Google Voice account by going here. Once done setting up, you just have to install Google Voice on your mobile device (be that on Google Play or App Store) and have the settings synched.

Once this is done, assuming that you already have Google Hangouts installed (this usually follows after signing up for Google Voice), you can proceed to download VoiceMac.

Now, with all these 3 software installed on your Mac, using only one number, everything is organized and less of a hassle. You can contact anyone, and be reached by anybody at almost any place. No need to wait for Apple?s Continuity anymore, unless they push more features that we have never heard of before.

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