How to Select GPU: Which is The Right One For Gaming Needs?

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Video Cards

Modern PC gamers requires fast and powerful computers. Games like Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online, and Battlefield 4 will need some graphical muscles to run properly. Saving the cash to buy a decent GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) is one task, finding the RIGHT one is another story altogether.

When starting your path on PC gaming, GPU is one of the most important factors to consider as it can make a mediocre PC run games you never thought it could and also the other way around. GPUs play a vital role in gaming.

There are mainly two types of GPUs to choose from. The integrated ones and the dedicated ones. Most PCs today, especially laptops, have integrated GPUs which can probably save you some money if you?re on a tight budget. Fortunately, most of them are ?okay? for gaming, but not all games would run as smooth as you might expect, and some won?t even run at all.

Dedicated GPUs is the better choice if you?ve got some extra cash to spend on your PC. They range from as low as $30 to a whopping $3,000. Obviously, the more money you spend on a videocard, the better your games will look, but this doesn?t mean that a more expensive GPU is better in terms of what you require.

So what exactly should you be looking for with GPUs? With dozens of abysmal looking features (at least, for those who aren?t into computer stuff that much), it?s pretty hard to choose which one is ?right for you, but to narrow them down, most GPUs in the midrange would be a perfect choice for most gaming needs. They cost ?around $300 and they are powerful enough to make most modern games run fast, small enough to fit in your computer and not power hungry in terms of electricity consumption. Finding out the right power consumption for your PSU is important too, in order to make sure that most games will run fine, and your computer will function properly in general.

When it comes to speed, you will be needing to look for the highest possible amount of shader in a GPU at the highest clock speed that fits in your budget. You can check any game you intend to play on your computer online and see the benchmark results for them.

Of course, there?s also the memory that you need to watch out for. Depending on the game that you intend to play, in order to play most modern games, it would be wise to look for a GPU that has at least 2GB or DDR5 for 1080p gaming with high bus that your budget allows you to go for.

Coolers also play a huge part in the GPUs performance. A poor cooling system means that the GPU sometimes needs to reduce performance in order to not damage itself or the entire system. There are some third party customizations which you can get for your GPU in order to get the most out of them for longer periods.

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