How to run Android on Windows

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If your Android phone needs a rest or you?re waiting on a replacement, but you need access to your apps and services right now, we?re here to show you how to run Android on Windows.

Here?s how:

Method 1: Bluestacks

The Bluestacks app player lets you run your favourite Android apps. It?s basically a program that lets you launch Android APK files on it. It doesn?t turn your laptop into an Android device, it gives you a window where you can open your apps on your PC. You can run Android apps on your Windows PC and Mac.

This software also gives you access to Google Play so you can actually download the apps you have on your smartphone or tablet onto your PC.

Keep in mind, though that running any kind of additional OS on any device leaves you open for crashes and instability. Because you?re basically creating OS-ception with your laptop or PC, the system might collapse and Android viruses or Windows viruses from third party apps can damage your laptop.

Method 2: Set up a Virtual PC that runs on Android.

Again, you need specific software like VirtualBox or YouWave. This creates a virtual computer that is a separate identity on your laptop. If Bluestacks gives you OS-ception, this gives your laptop disassociative personality disorder. You essentially run another identity on your laptop that uses Android as its OS. You can download virtual PC emulators here.

Keep in mind that this is even more unstable than using Bluestacks since you?re essentially asking your laptop or PC to think that it?s something else. As you can see, knowing how to run Android on Windows can be quite a challenge.

Method 3: All-in-one PCs

Recently, manufacturers like Asus have launched their Transformer Trio of devices that let you run both Windows and Android natively on the device. These computers can usually double as a laptop and as a tablet. You simply attach the screen to a keyboard and laptop hardware when you need a PC with Windows then take off the screen when you want to switch to Android. You can also run Android apps when you?re on PC mode and run Windows apps when you?re using it as a tablet.

Again, the setup can be unstable, but it?s the most stable way to run Android on Windows right now. If you look at it, this method is also the most expensive way on how to run Android on Windows.

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