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How To Root Your Galaxy S4 with a Single Tap

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Let?s face it. Rooting ?your Android device is scarier than most things that you see or try out. The fact that you can easily brick your device, just by missing a single step, might give you second thoughts about rooting your Android powered phone or tablet. Still, a rooted Android device has its perks, and you don?t want to miss out on these great tweaks.

The good news is, Geohot, the infamous guy known for hacking both iOS and PlayStation 3, came up with an easy solution for all who want to root their Android devices. His latest app, TowelRoot, roots any Android device in less than a minute. This should work with all carriers and all Android devices (except HTC and Motorola)


Even if this is a fail-proof process in rooting your Android Device, we, at TheBitBag won?t be held responsible for any damage that this may cause on your device. There is a 99.9% guarantee that this would work (assuming that you follow the very easy to follow steps), but there is a very small minority of people who get this wrong. Try this at your own risk. ?

The first of the few things that you need to do is to download TowelRoot here and manually transfer it into your device?s built in memory/storage. Make sure that you have set your device to accept installation from ?Unknown Sources?. This can be set under the settings menu.

Next step is to install TowelRoot. Your device might show you a scary warning, but you can ignore this (and the very purpose of rooting your device is, bypassing some of Google?s limitations anyway)

The final step is to run the app, tap the button that says ?Make it ra1n?, and just stand by. Your device will reboot, and once this is done, your device will already be rooted.

You can verify your device?s root access status by using root checker. There are dozens of these in GooglePlay. Another important thing is to make sure that you install a root manager app to make sure that no malicious softwares uses your root access. SuperSU by Chainfire is one of the best apps around for that purpose.

That?s it, you already have a rooted Android device. We don?t know of any easier process to do this (and really, could it be any easier than this?)

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