How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H Running Android 4.4.2 KitKat XXU1ANE2 Firmware

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CF-Auto-Root is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H running Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANE2 for users who desire to gain root access. It allows a user to install custom recovery, Titanium Backup and even flash customised ROMs.

Rooting Galaxy S5 G900H

ChainFire?s CF-Auto-Root app has been made compatible for the Galaxy S5 G900H running Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANE2 stock firmware. In exchange for full administrative access and permission to customise various aspects of the phone, users will face the threat of warranty void upon successful root access.


  1. Backup all data files and personal system settings on the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H.
  2. Battery level should be at least 50 per cent.
  3. Enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone.
  4. Download and install the necessary USB drivers for Galaxy S5 on your computer.
  5. Download the CF-Auto-Root package and ODIN flash tool version 3.09 on your computer.

Warning: The BitBag is not responsible for any errors or void of warranty on your Galaxy S5 G900H. Root access will remove the current warranty after tripping the Samsung Knox Security Suite. Read and follow the instructions in order to prevent any other issues after the rooting procedure. Do this at your own risk.?

Rooting Process:

  1. Extract the CF-Auto-Root zip file to an easy access location on your computer such as desktop.
  2. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H.
  3. As an option before performing the root access, create a nAndroid backup of the current ROM for extra safety. Reboot into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time. Use the Volume keys to navigate ?backup and restore? then select ?backup? using the Power button. You can restore the ROM anytime.
  4. Reboot into Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons at the same time. An Android robot with a triangle should appear indicating you are in Download Mode.
  5. Launch the ODIN flash tool and connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the computer using a USB cable.
  6. In ODIN flash tool, ID:COM should flash blue or yellow as a sign that your device has been detected. Otherwise, you need to install the USB drivers.
  7. Click the PDA/AP on the ODIN flash tool and select the file labelled ?CF-Auto-Root-k3g-k3gxx-smg900h.tar.md5? which should be included in the extracted zip file.
  8. Check the AUTO REBOOT and F.RESET TIME options.
  9. Click the START button to begin rooting your Galaxy S5.
  10. Your phone should reboot automatically to Recovery Mode once the initial rooting process has been successful.
  11. DO NOT interrupt the process as it will install the root package and files signified by the green light on ID:COM.
  12. Once the entire process has been completed, your Galaxy S5 will reboot till it reaches the home screen which by then you can disconnect from the computer.

In order to verify root access, download the Root Check app from the Play Store and check the SuperSU app on the App Menu.

In case your device did not reboot into Recovery Mode during the process, you need to do the entire process once again.

  1. Uncheck the AUTO REBOOT option in the ODIN flash tool this time.
  2. After the installation, remove the battery to turn off the device.
  3. Reboot into Recovery Mode manually, then reconnect your device to the computer to begin installation of files.

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