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How To Rollback from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

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iOS 8

Downgrading the iOS version of iPhones, iPads and iPods has been something that not too many have tried before, all due to the technicality involved, and the risk of bricking your iDevice. The fact is, it is actually simple to pull off, and reverting back to a previous iOS version might be necessary if you?re on the current iOS 8 Beta firmware. It is reported that it has been causing a number of apps to act erratically, or not work at all. It also has the tendency to freeze your screen and crash apps back to the home screen.

To start, as always, it is ?advisable to backup your phone before making any major changes to it. (Especially when trying to roll back into an older firmware, which you don?t usually do, and cannot do every time)

This time, in order to get back to the previous iOS 7.1.1 on your phone, you will be needing to do something a bit different than the usual process of restoring your device. You will be needing to enter recovery mode.

The first thing to do is to turn off your iDevice completely. After making sure that the phone is completely turned off, plug the usb cable on your computer, but not the phone just yet. Hold the ?Home? button on your iDevice while you connect it to your computer and wait until the ?Recovery Mode? image is displayed. iTunes will be able to detect your iDevice after doing this.

The convenient part in this is that, you don?t have to download anything this time. All is done automatically. In the iTunes screen, you?ll just have to click the ?Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod? button. It will verify this action and you?ll just have to click next to proceed.

Once done, it will install the latest and stable version of iOS 7 to your iDevice (given, this is still the latest and ?released? version of iOS). Just wait for a few minutes before it finishes. Now you can just activate again your iDevice like it was new, then proceed to restoring the apps you backed up earlier.

Note: You can only do this method of restoring back to iOS 7 until the official release of iOS 8 this coming fall.

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