How To Retrieve Deleted Images From Your Memory Card (Part 2 of 2)

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Launch PhotoRec and if prompted, just enter your Mac password so the program will be able to access all drives. After that, choose the drive (your memory card for instance) you want to retrieve using the arrow keys to highlight the correct option. But it might not be named how you expect, so we advise you to use the size as an indicator of which drive is the correct one.

Press enter to continue, then select the FAT 16/32 partition to scan the directory structure set up by the camera. Press enter again to proceed to the next menu, then choose the Other option. (FAT/NTFS)

Using the enter key, proceed to the next screen. This selection is going to tell the program where to exactly look for the deleted files. You must use the ?Whole? selection, however, if you think your memory card is corrupted. But for deleted files, just select ?Free?. Hit enter to proceed and select a location where you want to save the recovered files. Confirm by using the C key and start the recovery process.

Fifth Step: Launch the scan and see what files are?going to turn up. If you get some results here, it means that the software managed to find your deleted photos.

If you chose to search for photos only, the program will only display standard image files like JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. But if the files you are looking for is still not showing up, there is still one more step that you can do.

If you?re using Recuva, click on ?Switch to advanced mode?. This is going to show you which file types the program is looking for. Just simply add the file extension of the raw format of your camera. This will depend on the brand of your camera, but this is usually something like.ARW, .NEF or .CR2. If you are not certain, there?s always the camera manual. However, if you?re using PhotoRec, use the ?FileOpts? command from the main menu to choose what type of files you want to search.

Sixth Step: In Recuva, select the images you want to retrieve and then click on the ?Recover? button. Select a directory you want to save the recovered files in. But don?t put them back in your memory card.
For PhotoRec, you?ve probably chosen a recovery directory by now. So, just navigate to the folder in Finder to see if your deleted photos are in there.

Seventh Step: If your image files have been retrieved, back them up immediately.

But if you?re really unfortunate and your files haven?t been recovered, there are plenty of options you can try. Like paid software or professional data recovery services.

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