How To Retrieve Deleted Images From Your Memory Card (Part 1 of 2)

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Have you accidentally deleted photos from your memory card? Or you suspect it got corrupted? Do not worry because there are ways to recover those images. Just follow the step by step guide below on how to retrieve deleted images from your memory card.

But first, here?s what you need to get? started:

  • A card reader.
  • A computer.
  • The memory card in question.
  • Patience

Well then, shall we begin?

First Step: Don?t do anything stupid like flush your memory card in the toilet or smash it with a hammer once you realize your photos disappeared or got deleted. Also, you must not take any more photos on your memory card and quickly remove it from your camera.

Second Step: Search the internet for a recovery suite. The software we are going to be featuring is this guide is the PhotoRec for Mac and Recuva for Windows, which can be downloaded for free.

These two are not the only options for recovering deleted photos from a memory card, there are tons out there and maybe you?already have one. A recovery suite is usually included in memory cards like SanDisk and Lexar.

Third Step: Once the download is complete (again, PhotoRec for Mac and Recuva for Windows), install the software on your computer.

Fourth Step: Let?s begin with ?Windows first because Mac?s PhotoRec is little bit complicated than Recuva.

So, for Recuva, launch the program and choose what types of files you want to recuva, I mean recover.
Note: Recuva can also retrieve other file types, but in this guide, we?re going to be focusing on recovering photos.

Moving on, click through Recuva?s menu until you reach the screen telling which location you should be looking. Now, plug in the card reader to your computer and choose the root directory where your image files are being stored ? provided it has not been deleted too if your memory card got corrupted or formatted. This folder is usually called DCIM.

And now, for PhotoRec. Well,just like what we?ve mentioned earlier, this is a bit more complicated than Recuva, because it isn?t a graphical interface. It?s more like a command-line interface, but don?t be scared though. Once you get accustomed to it, you?ll realize that it?s not that hard to use.

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