How To Reply To Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, WhatsApp From Your PC With Pushbullet For Android

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Pushbullet don?t want you to leave your desktop just to respond to messages on your Android phone. (Image courtesy of Pushbullet)

Pushbullet has just added another cool entry to its growing list of useful features. Instead of ?reaching for your phone, or have a welter of apps or windows open on your desktop, the newly updated Android app now allows you quickly reply to (or dismiss) messages on your phone right from your PC.

What is Pushbullet?

This Android application is known for giving users the option to send files from a computer to a mobile, and vice versa, with just one click. It also provides mirrored notifications and a way to share links between mobile devices and PCs.

On Tuesday, the team behind Pushbullet?announced that the app has been updated to let its users respond to messages on their Android phones directly from pop-up notification panels on the desktop. As of now, the feature is supported by the following messaging applications:

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Line

How to use Pushbullet for replying to messaging apps on desktop

In late 2014, Pushbullet added a couple of features allowing Android users to send and reply to SMS using the Chrome browser. This update works similarly; a popup window will appear on the monitor which you can click or dismiss. You can enjoy this new feature now by downloading the app for free from its Google Play listing.

Pushbullet mentioned that if you want the feature to work for the Hangouts app, you have to install the Android Wear app too. The company didn?t elaborate on why it is needed but pointed out that you don?t have to actually own a smartwatch for it to work. There?s obviously something in the Android Wear app that Pushbullet needs for its service to function.

Meanwhile, if you have already updated the app, used the new feature, and decided that you don?t want to be disturbed all the time with notifications from all those new messages, Pushbullet also added a widget for your Android homescreen that you can tap to disable notification forwarding. If all of these sounds a little too complicated, you can watch this short clip from Pushbullet?to see how efficient and simple it works.

Update changelog

Here is the complete list of all the changes that the updated Pushbullet app has to offer. Keep in mind that the new PC reply feature works on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

  • Reply to WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, and more from your computer
  • Home screen widget for toggling Notification Forwarding
  • Heads-up notifications for some pushes
  • Bug fix: Inbox & Gmail notifications not getting forwarded
  • Bug fix: Tasker to contact not sending





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