How To Remove Bloatware From Your Android Phone & Tablet – No Root Required!

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Free you app drawer from bloatware by following this tutorial

Wondering what that mysterious email application is doing in your brand new phone?s app menu? Do you really have a need for that messaging app installed in your tablet that you actually didn?t download? Turns out there?s a term for all those features and applications that you didn?t ask for — bloatware.

What is bloatware?

Bloatware, which is also endearingly called crapware or more decently known as ?pre-installed software,? are the programs that are already installed and licensed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer bought from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) a.k.a. device maker. OEMs and carriers have become so thoughtful that they genuinely believe we?ll like their products more if they peppered them with lots of stuff (or junk).

Removing bloatware from Android devices

Fortunately, Android is a platform that allows people to use devices exactly how they want. Developers, amateur and professional, are open to apply any modification they come up with. Talented developers from popular site posted a way on how we can tweak our Android devices in order to remove those nasty bloatware lurking inside.

Bloatware removal tutorial from XDA Developers

This video tutorial posted by the site on YouTube shows XDA TV Producer ?RootJunky? present detailed instructions on how to effectively get rid of bloatware using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process is pretty easy to perform and is basically the same for almost any Android device.

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Here are the system requirements:

  • Developer Options turned on with ADB or USB debugging enabled
  • Manufacturer Drivers installed
  • KitKat ? No Root Needed
  • Root access is needed for devices running Android Lollipop or Jelly Bean and below

Links to all of files and tools needed can be found here.



Photo Credit: ?J. Endriga

Video Credit: ? – XDA Developers

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