How To Recover Your Deleted Files From Desktop or Smartphone Without Backup

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Recover My Files Pro V5
Recover My Files Pro V5

Sometimes, regardless of how careful we are about what we do with our computers or smartphones, accidents happen and by accident, we mean accidentally deleting your files for good. Not putting them in the Recycle Bin, but erasing them totally, leaving no trace of it. There are several programs that allow you to backup your files or the entire disk, but more often than not, they are too expensive, too tedious or both and they only work if you?ve made backups.

So how do you get back deleted files which you don?t have backup for? You simply use a different software. There are tons online, but few actually get the job right, and most of these software is even bugged by malware.

One good software to try is Recover My File Pro V5. You can actually try the software before buying it. It doesn?t require you to constantly make backups of your files. There?s no limitation on how much you can recover on your hard drive or storage device. Not unless the cluster (or space) in the storage has been overwritten by another file, so it is best to minimize the use of your computer or smartphone if something has been accidentally deleted.

You also have the option to recover an entire image of the hard drive which was accidentally reformatted, installation of another operating system, system restore or corrupt folder or file system, but Recover My File Pro V5 is best used as a single file recovery program.

Usage of the program is pretty straightforward. What you need to do is open up the program (shortcut should be placed on your desktop once you install the retail or trial version).

You should be able to see the screen below.

Recover My Files Pro V5

Recover My Files Pro V5

What you would want to do here is select the option where you can recover missing or deleted files, not the entire disk.

After doing this, you are presented with a screen to select which storage drive you want to search. This is the part where you will be scanning deleted and corrupt files that you wish to recover. You can also try doing this on removable drives and memory cards in SD/MMC readers. This is perfect for attempting to recover files on your phone.

Once you select a drive, it will search the storage drive. Be patient and wait for the entire process to finish. This depends on the size of your storage and the number of files in it. Once done, you can see all the folders on the left side. It will indicate if the folder is deleted or not. On the right side, you will see the files inside the selected folder. You can get a copy of this deleted file by simply clicking ?Save? on the upper part of the program?s screen. You just select a directory to save it, and it?s done.

You can download the software?s free evaluation here. You can scan your storages for recoverable files, but you won?t be able to recover them right away. Pricing per bundle/package can be checked here.

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