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How To Read Messages on Facebook Messenger Undetected

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Facebook is the social media giant, and as it is right now, it is one of the most effective tools to connect with millions of other people over the Internet. However, it is hard to avoid some of your ?annoying? friends on Facebook, particularly on the Facebook Messenger app.

The problem with the default Facebook Messaging app, you will get time stamps for the messages you send AND receive. Instead of just simply receiving the message, the other party will be able to find out if you?ve read the message and if you are actively ignoring them.

To spare them the disheartening feeling of being ignored, and you, avoiding the awkwardness, you can use Privy Chat for Facebook app. This wonderful app is the best thing to get in order to deal with things like this. The app is free for download, doesn?t require rooted device and no special permissions.

Once the app is downloaded and installed (just click the link above to go to its Google Playstore page), the next thing that you?ll be needing to do is to sign in your Facebook account on your Android mobile device. The app won?t be importing the older messages, but from now on, you can view all the new messages from ?those? people that you don?t want to find out that you?ve actually seen their message.

With this new ability to handle these certain nuisance, you can finally get some of these ?friends? of yours on Facebook, to leave you alone, at least before you go around deleting them from your friends list.

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