How to print screen on the iPhone, Android and PC.

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When you want to take a picture of your screen or are too lazy to write down what you see online, you have to know how to print screen on the iPhone, Android and PC. Not a lot of users are aware that you can take a screenshot with just one key or a two-step process.

Let’s get rid of the two easiest ways on how to print screen. For PC, here is how you print screen:

1. Download a tool that runs in the background and lets you take screenshots with a key or simple commands on the program tray.

Take note that each tool has different methods for capturing screenies. One thing that actual tools like these gave over the standard process is how they can modify the screenshots at once. Some tools can also take a specific image of only one part of the screen.

2. Use the Fn + Prt Sc command.

Depending on whether you’re using a desktop or a laptop computer, you may have access to the Prt Sc with just one keystroke or you may have to use the function key first then press the key associated with screen capture. Usually, the screenshot is saved in your default Pictures folder.

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For the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, they basically have the same way on how to print screen:

1. Hold down the Power button at the top and the Home button at the same time for an extra second.

Whatever is on the screen is saved in the Photos app and is also accessible from the Camera app. If you’ve activated the sync to Dropbox or iCloud function of your iOS device, you’ll see the screenshot on the website.

For Android phones, how to print screen gets a bit tricky. It’s basically a free-for-all on whatever the brand wants. This means that the process for capturing screen images can differ across brands and Android versions. Samsung probably has a different way of going about it; and so does HTC and LG.


Let’s take a look:

1. Samsung

Just like Apple devices, just hold the Home button and the Power button together and you will hear a camera sound or a small vibration from your phone. Check your gallery and the screenshot should be there.

2. HTC

For HTC phones, you have to hold down the Power button at the top and then tap the home soft key at the bottom of the screen. You have to do this quickly and it requires a little timing. the screenshot shows up in the gallery after that.

Since there are a lot of Android phones in the market, you can also just download an app that lets you take screen captures. The trick is to finding the way on how to print screen on all devices that’s right for you.

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