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How to Prepare for Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.0: Tips and Tricks

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If Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.0 is setting your derriere on fire, it?s best to get all that anxiety working for your game with some preparations. With the introduction of Greater Rifts, new Leaderboards and Legendary Gems, it?s now more important to prepare if you want to be ahead of everyone else.

One thing you also have to remember about Diablo 3 RoS is that a lot of game mechanics can get nerfed or buffed with simple hotfixes. The developers never divulge details on how damage, healing, resistances or other stats are computed so everything is all about theorycrafting. These tips? are for the current patch and fix, but may be invalid when something new comes along.

Still, I don?t think there?s anything wrong with doing the following to prepare you for Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1:

1. Get all the Paragon Points

While it still isn?t clear if Paragon Points are going to be available to Seasonal toons, gaining more levels is sure going to help?especially if they are included. You could say that this is one edge the veteran players have over those who start with no points when a Season comes along. One of the most important Paragon Points you can spend is on your Movement Speed. This can up your rate of killing and get you through Rifts faster.

2. Learn to run from useless mobs and find the right enemies

As of the moment, the Rift meter is based on the number of enemies you fight. So high-density Rifts are finished in such a short time. With the new system, the quality of the kills is taken into consideration so you?re now required to skip mobs if they don?t give good returns on your killing effort. Up your Movement Speed or use teleport skills to escape mobs or lure all of them into one spot and make your kill speed even higher.

3. Raise your DPS

Your progress and clout are going to depend on how fast and effectively you kill elites and huge mobs. So raising your DPS is going to be more important than your Toughness. The key is to simply survive enough to deal the most damage. So enchant your gear with CHC, CHD and Attack Speed buffs.

4. Grab more gear for each level.

Since you?re going to be using some characters from scratch, it?s good to hoard some gear that works for characters at all levels or a set for your progress. Farm for gear with lower level characters or enchant some items to operate on lower levels for the meantime. You can always do so with yellow gear istead of legendary items. What?s important is the trifecta of DPS stats.

5. Raise your Resistances or make yourself Immune.

If you’re a Wizard, you can skip this since Intelligence does wonders for all your Resistances. Grab a Blackthorne set so you don’t have to up your defense against floor effects since you’re technically immune.

Do you have any other tips you can suggest? Leave a comment and why you’re excited (or not?) for the new patch.

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