How To Play The Classic Wolfenstein 3D in Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Wolfenstein- The New Order-
Wolfenstein- The New Order-

Video games are always about leaving the old and introducing the new. Innovations on both gameplay, graphics, playability, quality and everything in between, but for Wolfenstein: The New Order, things are slightly different. MachineGames, the developers behind the latest Wolfenstein game chooses to give shine to both old and new.

The latest game shares the littlest similarity with the previous games in the series (or remakes), except for the feel of the game, particularly shooting Nazis in the face. In the new game, however, things may be a bit different, as there?s a way for players to actually experience some ?classic? action, which they must have missed, especially younger players. For ?older? players, this is also ?good news because you just can?t resist that nostalgic feel when getting to play the game you used to love, when computers didn?t have flash video cards and crazy graphics (like today).

Players of Wolfenstein: The New Order can play the classic Wolfenstein 3D game. Not the entire package, but it feels great to see it again in action, mixed up with modern elements. It?s pretty easy to find too. Once you get to the safehouse along with four other friends (this is after the train ride to Berlin level). You can go upstairs and find a mattress next to a poster of a very familiar look. This will instantly transport you to a bonus easter egg-looking level of the original Wolfendstein 3D.

While not the hardest easter egg to unlock, it?s good to know that the developers aren?t throwing away the original charm of the game that it got known for. It is also a nice way of educating the newcomers to the series, and not to mention, it is easy to unlock (it doesn?t seem to be ?locked? at all.)

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