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How to Play Skyrim Without Having To Kill Anything In the Process

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If you compare Skyrim to most of the action RPG games,? The Elder Scrolls V provides a lot of options for gamers in order to keep their attention out of the combat. Depending on the kind of character you have built or the one you have chosen, you will either be facing a difficult road ahead. By playing the right strategy, you don’t have to slay humans and wild beasts along the way. However, this is only possible if you do not meet any of them, unless you play the character Felix, a pacifist monk.

Felix solely uses spells that are not offensive but rather utilizes illusion spells coupled with a single fear-inducing mace, which do not do serious damage to any enemies that come near him. This may seem impossible for gamers of Skyrim since it is a natural attitude to play the game and kill all foes that come along your way but one YouTube user WestSideLuigi was able to do just this by not killing anyone and has made it deeper into the game, about nine levels, and is still alive after that.

Use Felix when you start Skyrim from the beginning and use the spells that will make your foes back out or calm down. In the YouTube video by user WestSideLuigi, Felix cast spells that turned wolves?into calm, submissive animals. The weapon he uses is the Steel Mace of Fear, which does little damage but can never kill any foe because the character himself is against killing. Focus on the perks as well since there are enemies that cannot be subdued easily with basic spells. Animage is a perk useful against enemies that seems hard to handle.

The main strategy of not killing anyone whether it be people or beasts is that you only calm them down temporarily as you advance through the game. You also need to avoid quests that requires you to kill. Even when faced with undead enemies, you still use the same strategy, such as the healing spell, which perfectly works against them.

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