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How to Play Skyrim Using Tablet

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How to Play Skyrim Using Tablet

The Skyrim fever is almost about to tide over; there are people out there, however, who can?t get enough of the game just yet. And how can you? If you haven?t played Skyrim just yet, there are mods that should be enough to get you playing the game again. Almost all PCs can play the game, but isn?t it great if you can bring a game like this anywhere you wanted?

Fortunately, there is, but it?s not supposed to run on just any old tablet. Nvidia and ASUS has teamed up to create a tablet powerful enough to run it, the Transformer Prime. But it?s not supposed to run alone on the tablet, that?s the catch. So how did they get it to run on a tablet that?s powerful enough for it to keep running on regular FPS?

There is an app specifically designed for that purpose, and it?s called the Splashtop THD. It?s an app that is an improvement of the earlier Splashtop app, but as of yet, the THD is not yet available; only the Splashtop is available for both Android and iOS users. This is a nifty little app that enables you to stream content from your PC and onto your tablet. You can do it either through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

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After you?ve installed the tablet and you?ve fired up your PC, the fun starts. The PC does the compression and then afterwards, streams the content to your tablet. In the same way, your tablet then brings back the stream to the PC. It?s all very complicated but Nvidia simplifies the equation by saying that the tablet ?automagically? does all the processing. Now that?s a word I think they should trademark.

In the end, what you get is a 720p gaming experience straight to your tablet. As an added benefit, frame rate loss is a thing of the past with this app, and there?s only a minimal delay when playing the game. Nothing else is left to chance, and what you get is seamless, efficient gaming on your tablet.

Still, as with anything else, there?s always a catch when you?re talking about 720p games and a seamless FPS gameplay. It?s almost an impossibility, to say the least, to keep this game running on your tablet without having to give something back. And here?s what you need to give back.

You have to have one of those gaming rigs that you keep seeing on demo videos and PC expos?no, just kidding. Any high-end PC with an Nvidia GPU will do. Maybe you can do it on a high-end AMD GPU, but that remains open to interpretation. Another thing you?ll need is a tablet that?s powered by Nvidia?s Tegra 3 processor. Any other tablet than that, and you?re dreaming awake. The last thing you need would be a fast, reliable internet connection, the better to stream the game on your tablet.

What significance this has to tablet and app users remains to be seen. However, you can?t deny that the possibility of finally playing a high-end game on a tablet is highly enticing. If and when this technology finally becomes available, it?ll be highly sought after.

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