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How to Play Diablo 3 Offline

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Thanks to the widespread popularity of Diablo 2 and how easy it was to play alone or with a group, a lot of players want to know how to play Diablo 3 offline. Thanks to the upcoming Ultimate Evil edition for consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One, players no longer have to go online to get their Sanctuary fix.

So if you want to play Diablo 3 without going on the internet and having to deal with lag and other problems, it?s best that you get the Ultimate Evil edition in August for whatever console you have at home. Don?t be afraid that the UI of the Diablo 3 offline game is going to be too difficult to use with a controller?Blizzard has changed how the game is played through these:

  1. Compleltely re-vamped POV, with the camera just behind your toon, just like any console-based RPG
  2. Controller-friendly Inventory, Skill sheet and overall UI.
  3. Allowing players to play offline if they choose.


So all you have to do to play Diablo 3 offline is to get a PS4 or an Xbox One and wait for the August release of the game.

But why doesn?t Blizzard want to make the offline play available for Diablo 3 PC players? You simply have to look at Diablo 2 and see that they learned from their mistake.

If you were one of the fans of the earlier version of the game, you?d notice that offline play made it possible for people to develop character editors like Jamella. These character editors let you create your toon from scratch to the highest level with the best gear without even playing the game! You could import your character to Diablo 2 and wreak havoc in PvP and Nightmare levels without batting an eyelash. Farming became moot and the die-hard levellers and fans had to deal with edited, overpowered characters. Offline play wasn?t the sole culprit but it contributed heavily by simply allowing a workaround like character editors.

I think that a game as good as Diablo 3 should have some way to save it from players who want the shortcut. It makes a game less fun when getting to your goal isn?t done through gameplay at all. It just happens that technology only allows Blizzard to protect the game through online play.


Consoles are harder to tamper with and Blizzard has determined that console players are less likely to edit their characters. Even if I do have to contend with lag, maintenance and other problems, I don?t mind going online and putting my time in farming items and points just to get my monk to her best build?I hope you don?t either. It?s definitely better than seeing players with OP stats and gear that they got off a character editor because Diablo 3 offline play was available to everyone.

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