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How to Pick the Right Phone for Your Needs

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Knowing which phone to purchase is the number one problem most consumers encounter. With so many choices, how do you know which brand and model would fit your needs? The decision would largely depend on factors such as budget, your location, and your daily activities. This article will enlighten you on the different aspects of a mobile device to help you narrow down your choices.

Operating Systems

Every operating system has its pros and cons, depending on how you want your mobile device to function. A sleek design might lure you into a new OS, but people should know that neglecting this part of a buying decision may bring regret in the future. There are three operating systems dominating the mobile device market: the iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Apple?s iOS offers a user ? friendly interface, but users would be highly dependent on iTunes for content. This OS is great for those who already own an iPad, a Mac and/or an iPod. iPhone users enjoy continuous upgrades and the newest ones are usually available on multiple devices.

Android is known for being the most customizable OS, but comes with slower updates and a slightly complex interface. Those who have been patronizing Android devices should opt for the Google Play Edition of a flagship phone or the latest Google Nexus.

Microsoft?s Windows Phone OS has a simple interface. The 8.1 version offers a notifications center and Siri?s voice assistant counterpart, Cortana. Power users may find it less flexible than Android, but it offers excellent hardware choices and a strong integration of Microsoft Office and other services.

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Your Shopping Preferences

It is important to know your purpose for buying a phone. Do you need a phone for its camera, gaming capabilities, audio, e ? book reader or multimedia storage? If you need all those, then you need a premium smartphone. Users looking for a low ? profile phone could choose the basic colors, such as black or dark ? gray. If you want style, then go for edgier colors like cyan, red or yellow.

Phones sold through a contract seem cheaper because they are subsidized, meaning you have to pay a higher monthly rate in exchange for a cheaper handset purchase. These companies typically offer the widest range of premium devices and the widest coverage. However, consumers can opt for the prepaid option as this can become cheaper over time, depending on phone usage.

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