How To Optimize Your Computer’s Performance

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How to Speed up your Computer
How to Speed up your Computer

Remember that feeling when you have started your laptop/pc for the first time? It?s not hard to imagine that the machine you just purchased was the fastest you?ve had in your entire life, what with modern computers of today. Fast processors, huge RAM, Solid Stated Drives and powerful video cards. After a few years, things started to slow down on your computer ?literally? and you notice that your computer is stuffed with useless apps and junk that you had no idea why you?ve installed them in the first place. It?s time to take action.

This happens to everybody, not even the most organized person can keep his computer organized for years without even touching or doing anything to maintain it. Unless you?re somebody who does not install anything at all with your computer or all you do is browse the internet, facebook, twitter and youtube),?your computer will inevitably go down ?that path. Fortunately, there?s a number of things that you can do to prevent this from worsening.

Increase RAM

Adding up some RAM will certainly make things much faster for your computer. The quickest way to speed up your computer is by adding RAM. I cannot stress how much important a role RAM plays on any setup. Simply put, the bigger the RAM, the more tasks and process your computer can handle. They?re relatively easy to install and easy to find, so this is the quickest way to speed up your machine?s performance.

Erase Files and Uninstall Things

This isn?t rocket science, but for some people who are a bit clueless as to how this actually helps, clearing up files and applications on your computer helps optimize the performance because this gives the computer a bigger space to process things, and it also lets the computer search for files more effectively. Think of it as a drawer full of cluttered junk. The lesser the junk, the easier it is to find stuff. Defragmenting your drive also helps. This action organizes the ?chunks? of data on your computer for easier indexing. This is like rearranging a large library of books. The more organized it is, the easier it is to find certain titles. Clearing up ?Startup? items also plays a large role in speeding up the booting and startup process of your computer. There are tons of ways to get around these procedures on the internet and you can do any of those guides to get around these.

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