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How to Make the Most Out of Your Job Search Online

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The internet is one of the best places to look for a job. Most companies and businesses nowadays have a website or Facebook page put up for the public and potential applicants to see. It is fairly easy to literally find job postings on the internet; the problem starts with finding a job that you actually like and apply for.

Here are some tips to find that job you?ve been wanting since you graduated:


  • Update your resume.

Before anything else, this is what you should do.

Make your resume comprehensive but efficient. Put in the most important skills, experiences and information that you have. Use a photo that is not only professional-looking, but also captures an idea of how you are in person. It must be recent and has a neutral background.

When you are done preparing your resume, upload it in websites which could be good places for employers to find you, like Jobstreet or LinkedIn.


  • Clean your online footprints.

Google yourself and see the results. Do you like what you see? Is there a picture of you drunk in a friend?s birthday party last night? Or maybe the tweet (with a lot of inappropriate words) you posted last year when you and your girlfriend broke up is still existing?

Delete all unnecessary posts, tweets, photos and content which you think will hinder your chances of getting a job. This is important because chances are, if you apply for a job online, they will look for you online, too.


  • Search through job websites.

Try the usual job hunting sites; there are probably thousands of jobs posted there waiting for you. These websites allow you to see job postings per industry and will make you choose from a variety of employers, job levels, benefits and descriptions. Be careful as scammers and fake postings are always present in these kind of sites.

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  • Find time to search for jobs through social networking sites.

As mentioned earlier, most companies and employers now have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Use this to your advantage. They may have posted some job openings on these pages. You can also ask your online friends to refer you to a job they recently heard about.


  • Sign up for job alerts.

More often than not, you can register to receive emails and updates based on keywords, locations and industries from job-search websites and job boards. You will be alerted whenever there are new job postings that are compatible with your preferences. Check your email once in a while to see if anything new has come up.


  • Make use of filters when searching for a job.

When filling in that search bar, don?t put in vague keywords. Narrow down your search so you will actually find what you are looking for. Make use of the categories to refine your search. Using them will save you more time and effort as compared to looking at all the job postings one at a time.

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