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How To Limit and Watch How Much Your Kid Spends on their Smart phones (Android)

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As a parent, one of the hardest parts of taking care of your kid and his/her activities are, by monitoring how much time they spend with their smart phones. In the modern day, kids spend more of their time tinkering and playing with their phones rather than actually doing something more ?productive? (in a parent?s view point). There?s also a huge risk of letting your kids tread online ?places? where they shouldn?t be, so keeping a close lookout is a must for any parent.

Fortunately enough, there?s an app that lets someone do just that. It is called ?Frequency?. It is a simple activity tracking software that ?frequently? monitors the phone?s currently running application. You can get this app for free, directly from Google?s app store. It is by APPUCCINNO LLC.

Once you?ve downloaded it, you can normally just open it up and it will silently run in the background and work as it is intended for. If this doesn?t quite work for you, you can tweak the settings of this application to your liking. Just head to the settings and from there, you can set up certain things like letting it run in the background or not, starting it up once the phone boots up and the accuracy of the tracking (which has varied battery consumption, by the way).

You simply uncheck the first item (Run in Background) to stop the app from tracking the phone?s activities. In the accuracy section, you have several options on how frequent, the app will track.

This application tracks each app and how long they are being used. All these figures are presented in a very user-friendly interface. All with colorful bars that you can easily tell apart from each item.

Technology develops quite fast, and it is the parents? responsibility to make sure that their kids aren?t treading in the wrong direction as there are so much information out there. The catch is, not all of? them are suitable for such young ages just yet.

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