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How To Keep Your Galaxy Note 3 Awake on Certain Apps

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Screen timeouts are possibly one of the most annoying things with any smartphone or tablet. Indeed, they serve their purpose by partially taking care of your security and preserving battery life, screen, etc. Times when you are not ?touching? your phone, and yet you are using it, are the times when screen timeout pisses some people. (Especially when they are reading) You can disable screen timeout, in exchange to having to press the lock button on your device, which is a bit of a tedious thing to most people (They?re not lazy. They are just used to how things should be in the modern era).

There is no way to disable screen timeout selectively with certain apps, but if you?ve got root access, you?re in luck today because you can actually do what is impossible and get a fix on this little annoyance. You can just download Never Sleep made by Hamzah Malik.

Of course, there are some catches before you can obtain and get this little app to work with you Galaxy Note 3 (or any Android Device). First, your device needs to be rooted. There are several methods on how to get your devices rooted, and procedures vary per-device. You can search YouTube videos for fail-proof tutorials on how to get this done. If unsure, bring your device to a professional to make sure that you don?t brick your device in the process. Rooting has its pros and cons, but you get more out of your device by rooting it.

You also need to get Xposed Framework and allow installation from Unknown Sources.

Once you got all these, you?ll just have to download Never Sleep directly from Xposed Framework app, or online. Once downloaded and installed, you?ll just have to reboot your Android device.

Once installed and restarted, you can open the Never Sleep app, and it will show you a complete list of all the apps installed on your Android device. You can just put a check in the boxes corresponding to disable the screen timeout when the selected app is on the top of the window. Once done, restart your device again in order for the changes to take effect. Ideal apps to add in here are Chrome, Adobe Reader, other browsers, etc.

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