How to Keep the Battery Life of Your Nokia X

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We are the people of the new generation who are fond of downloading what?s new and hip. We are the ones who want to make the most out of what device we have and having a battery that lasts longer is always our dilemma. So here?s how you can keep the battery life of your Nokia X longer than any other device.


First thing first, turn off the services and functions that you do not actually use. ?How?? simply by following the directions below.

1. Restrict background mobile data by tapping the Settings > Data counter > swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Restrict background data
2. Switch off Bluetooth by swiping the menu down from the top and tap the Bluetooth icon.
3. You can do the same with Wi-Fi and mobile data.
4. Switch off location services by tapping the Settings > Location and switch off Access to your location.


Change the frequency setting of certain events in your device so that you?d save more of the battery life. If it?s not that urgent though it?s important, try to limit the frequency of it automatic functions, like the following:

1. Change your mail settings to retrieve mail items less frequently.
2. Set your phone screen to switch off after a shorter time: Tap Settings > Display > Sleep and select a lower value.
3. If Glance is enabled, reduce the Glance timeout: Tap Settings > Display > Glance screen timeout.
4. Stop your phone scanning for Wi-Fi networks: Tap Settings > Wi-Fi > swipe up from bottom of the screen > Advanced and uncheck Network notifications.



1. Reduce screen brightness: Tap Settings > Display > Brightness, and drag the slider.
2. Turn Screen double tap and Glance screen off. To find those options tap Settings > Display.
3. Always charge the battery fully.
4. Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
5. Check that your apps are up-to-date: Go to Nokia Store. If there are updates available, install them.
6. Disable the synchronization or remove accounts that you no longer use from the phone. You can find your configured accounts under Settings > Accounts.

But if your battery keeps draining fast after doing the above suggestions, remove the battery for awhile. Put it back into the phone, and switch your phone on; or you may check your battery, maybe it requires replacing.

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