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How to install windows 8.1 on any Windows Phone 8 device

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Microsoft?s WP 8.1 is not set to come out for a while, but if you are just dying to scratch that itch, then we have you covered.

Microsoft has recently released the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 for any Windows Phone 8 device. This update isn?t available to the general public yet as it is designed primarily for developers to get a head start in implementing any new APIs for their apps in WP 8.1.

Before we get into things, it is important to note that by updating your device, you could void your warranty and you won?t be able to roll back to v8 if you decide to change your mind later on. Theoretically, it?s possible to roll back the phone by flashing the stock firmware, but we haven?t tried it so we can?t say for sure.

Also, even if the update is relatively straightforward, we at The Bitbag will not be held responsible if something goes wrong. We won?t be liable for any damages that might occur during the update process. We want to make that clear upfront so that you know exactly what you?re getting yourself into.

If you?re absolutely sure you want to try the updates, please read on.

Step 1 ? Sign yourself up as a developer

Go to and click the blue button at the top right that says ?Start new project?. You won?t actually need to develop any new tools so be at ease.


Step 2 ? Log in with your Microsoft Live account credentials

Once you?ve started a new project, you should then sign in with your Microsoft account. The credentials should be the same as your other Microsoft services like Outlook, Windows Live and OneDrive.

Step 3 ? Download the ?Preview for Developers? app on your phone

Once you have logged in, you can head over to the Windows Phone store to download the ?Preview for Developer?s app. After downloading, open the app and sign in with your same credentials and read and understand the terms and conditions. Once done, agree and install.

Step 4 ? Check for updates

At this point, go to ?Phone update? which is located in the Settings menu and press ?Check for updates?. This will most likely download the 8.0.10322.71 update which is a prerequisite for 8.1. The phone will reboot to apply this update and just check for an update again, and it will download Windows 8.1 and update accordingly.

That should be it. Remember, 8.1 may still have some issues here and there, but aside from that, you should be able to use 8.1 without any hassle.

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