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How to install Whatsapp on iPod touch

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If you need to know how to install Whatsapp on iPod Touch, this is the right guide for you. We understand how popular and important it is to have Whatsapp on your iPod Touch. It?s one of the most popular messaging apps out there in the market and you?re surely missing out on talking to friends and family without this app!

So how to install Whatsapp on iPod Touch? Make sure you have the following:

1. You need an iPhone with a fresh install of Whatsapp. It?s better if the installation is new and isn?t tied to a number yet. If you?re using your iPhone you may have to delete the app and reinstall it.

2. An iOS file manager that can look into your app folders and files. We need this to put in the correct files so your installation will work.

When you have these, here?s what you do:

  1. Download Whatsapp on your Mac or PC using iTunes. Open up iTunes then search for the app in the App Store. Make sure you download it on iTunes only. It should appear in your Apps tab.
  2. Open the source files for the Whatsapp. Depending on what computer you use, you have to go to your iTunes folder in your programs directory and find the Whatsapp folder that includes the .ipa file. Make a copy and drag it to your desktop.
  3. Download a file manager for your iPod Touch that lets you look and manage the files on your iPod Touch without a jailbreak. One example is?iFunbox?but there are also other file managers.
  4. Open iFunbox and then use it to install the messenger on your iPod Touch.
  5. Connect your iPhone to your computer and use iFunbox to download the source files, message history and settings for the messaging service. This means you have to copy the Library and Documents folder to your desktop.
  6. Disconnect your iPhone and plug in your iPod Touch to your computer again. Open iFunbox and paste the Library and Documents folders you just copied within the app folder for Whatsapp.
  7. Unplug your iPod Touch and then restart it. If you?ve done everything correctly and your iPod Touch isn?t temperamental, you?ll see the Whatsapp icon on your screen and you can now use it with the same number you have in your iPhone!

All that?s left is for you to register your device through the installation wizard. Use the same number on your iPhone or use a different number from a different phone. Keep in mind that you can?t have the same Whatsapp account open on two devices at the same time.

I hope that you now know how to install Whatsapp on your iPod Touch!

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