How To Install WhatsApp On Android Tablets (WiFi-Only Version)

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Step-by-step guide on how to install and run WhatsApp on Android tablets with no SIM support (Image courtesy of WhatsApp)

WhatsApp is an amazingly useful messaging application. The Facebook-owned app works on all popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. It entices users by being straightforward when it comes to features and offering a really simple interface.

‘Tablets are currently not supported’

Functionality and user-friendly experience aside, there is one feature that the messaging service seems to lack (or purposely refuse to offer). Since its launch, support for WhatsApp on Android tablets is nowhere to be seen. To be specific, non-GSM Android tablets models (WiFi-only) are not supported.

This may be a sensible move for the app?s part since it utilizes users? phone numbers as a way to register instead of using the email address for registration and logging in. However, for owners of Android devices, it can be convenient if their tablet can also run the popular messenger. As such, those who attempt to install WhatsApp on Android tablets are always greeted with the notice ?Tablets are currently not supported.?

Steps on how to install WhatsApp on Android tablets

Fortunately, there are some very resourceful Android enthusiasts who managed to get a way around this hurdle. One of them is a YouTube user named ?Therealdavinci.? He posted a tutorial on the video sharing site explaining how to run WhatsApp on Android tablets. You can watch the clip below or you can also follow our outlined transcription of what he discussed in his guide.

  • First, go to your device?s Settings and check ?install from unknown sources? option.
  • Download the latest WhatsApp installer from the official site.
  • Before installing WhatsApp, you need to download and launch a texting application such as Text+ or other similar apps available in your region. This will give a number that will used to register with WhatsApp on your tablet. You can also use your own phone number (on the handset that already runs WhatsApp) but that will deactivate it and remove its data from your phone. It will be transferred to the newly installed version on your tablet, so if you want two running WhatsApp account you should do the former.
  • Upon installing and signing up for Text+, you?ll need to use it to send a text message to yourself on another contact. All you need is the phone number that Text+ used to send you a message from. Take note of that number as it will be used for the registration later.
  • After downloading WhatsApp APK file, install the app and open it. You will then see a welcome screen. Click the ?Agree and continue? button.
  • Once you click that button, a note will open, saying that ?tablets are currently not supported.? Just tap on OK to begin the setup.
  • On the next screen you need to enter the phone number from Text+ then choose the right country where you live in.
  • Click Ok and Whatsapp will ask you to verify number. It will automatically send an SMS to the number you?ve given. Enter the code provided in the SMS to verify your phone number.
  • Next, enter your name in the profile settings. By now you should have successfully installed WhatsApp on your Android tablet.

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