How To Install Android Lollipop Apps On Devices Running Android KitKat

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A guide on how to flash Android Lollipop applications on rooted Android 4.4.4 KitKat devices. (Image courtesy of

Google?s latest mobile operating system, the Android Lollipop, brings a lot of improvements to Android devices. Aside from enhanced security and more fluid user interface, it also gives handsets a simple and more refined look courtesy of Material Design.

Sadly, Android L is supported by a few recent mobile devices. If you?re stuck with the previous Android KitKat OS, you don?t have to worry because we?re here to provide a clever way on how to give your KitKat-powered handset a sweet, little Lollipop touch.

Android Lollipop apps running on Android KitKat phones and tablets

We recently came across a helpful XDA forum thread that explains how you can install a handful of Lollipop apps on any rooted device that runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat. When flashed properly, these applications can basically transform your old smartphone or tablet and give it a fresh, new look. The dev has provided the flashable zip file containing those apps. Here they are, along with the new features they will bring.

Google Play Store (v5.0.32)

  • New icon
  • New notification icon
  • Improved What?s New section

Google Now Launcher (v1.1.1.1499465)

  • White background for app drawer
  • New Play widget icons
  • Android Lollipop wallpapers

Google Search (v4.0.26.1499465)

  • Lighter and cleaner cards
  • Refreshed card designs
  • Hamburger icon is embedded into search box
  • Account picker
  • Overflow menu for each card

Google Keyboard (v4.0.21003.1519572)

  • Carries both Material Light and Dark themes

How to install

In order to get these Android Lollipop applications running, your phone or tablet should be rooted first. After that, download that zip files and flash them on your device while it is on custom recovery mode. The dev recommended using CWM or TWRP recovery. For the full instructions and download links, head over to this forum thread. If you need a more visual guide, you can follow the video tutorial below.

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