How To Improve and Maximize Your Phone’s Battery Life

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Whether you are using iOS or an Android powered smart phone, your battery will soon be out of charge if you open and run a lot of apps at the same time. Unlike before, when mobile phones’ main use was for texting or calling, today’s smart phones can do several other things.

Below are tips on how to maximize the battery life of Android smart phones.

Try to look for things that are consuming battery life. Go to Settings – Battery where you will see a breakdown of things that are consuming your mobile phone’s battery life. Several features and applications will be displayed in an organized manner, the top being the one consuming the most. If you see an application or feature that seems to have no use to you, turn off this feature or uninstall it.

Reduce social network polling. The sheer amount of social networks most people have today amounts to at least three. Since there are apps for easy access, you may want to switch its settings to manual for its refresh or polling frequency. This will help reduce battery consumption.

Turn off unnecessary hardware radios. This is one great feature that most smart phones have these days but turning all these features on for the whole day definitely consumes a lot of battery life. If your phone has a widget such as a power control, try turning off the GPS, which consumes the most battery life, followed by LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.

If your smart phone has a power saving mode, use it.

Try turning off the apps that are running. Go to Settings, then Apps and then swipe the screen to the left where you will see a list of apps that are running. Stop the apps that you do not need.

You should also turn off unnecessary widgets that are running on your screen. Although it may seem like they’re just there doing nothing, it is actually consuming power.

Image credit: Samsung

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