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How To Hack and Cheat Any Android Game Using Game Killer

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Cheating in games sometimes becomes a necessity, especially when you don?t have all the time in the world to grind your way to higher levels. Most games on Android forces you to do just that. (mmorpg games in particular). Other games also require you to play extended periods just to achieve something. Fortunately enough, there are some ?useful? apps that can help you with these tedious little things.

Disclaimer: Cheating is what it means. Sometimes, publishers of games made their game the way it is, in order to let people spend real cash on their games, which most of the time are free to download anyway. This is only for demonstration and educational purposes. Always support the publishers of the game you play in order for them to support the game?s maintenance. We also want to make it clear that we are not going to be held responsible for any possible damage that this may do to your application, so do this at your own risk.?


  • Game Killer
  • Rooted Device (See this guide on how to root your device. You get more than just being able to cheat your games when you root your Android phone/tablet)

The first thing you want to do is download Game Killer.

Once done, simply install and run it on your Android device. Once running, you can proceed on minimizing it. (Not closing the app down). Now open the game you want to cheat, pause the game and look for the thing that you want to adjust like HP, Money, Exp, etc. For example, your money value is ?156?, take note of that value.

Tap the Game Killer icon on the top left of the screen, this should bring up the game killer window. Enter the value ?156? on the search field. At first, you might get multiple results with the search query, but as you play the game, and the value of your money changes, keep searching, until you narrow it down, as it will also change when you go back and forth in the game killer screen and the actual game window.

Once you got the right value, just modify it and that?s it. You?ve just hacked your Android game.

Watch the video in this article to see more on how it is done.

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