How To Guide: Stop Your iPhone From Remembering Where You Go 24/7

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How To Guide: Stop Your iPhone From Remembering Where You Go 24/7
A How To Guide for configuring your iPhone from remembering where you go, when you go, all the time.
To many people, the iPhone is considered a very good friend or even a close confidante. The iPhone contains many of our deepest and darkest secrets. And just like some friends and associates, it can easily turn into an enemy.
Many of the iPhone apps and tools, take note of the locations you visit, in order to provide suggestions and tips on where to go, and how to go there, based on the geographical data it accumulates.
These recommendations and directions seem to be such a good idea. However, in order to provide this service, your iPhone keeps a separate log of every location you have been to.
This tool, called ?Frequent Locations?, is not known to many iPhone users, and it may contain information that you may not want a certain someone (of course, I do not mean your spouse or your boss…wink…wink) to know.
To be more explicit, let me share what BuzzFeed has to say about the iPhone’s Frequent Locations (BuzzFeed is ?a social news and entertainment website. Founded in 2006 in New York City as a viral lab by Jonah Peretti, the company has grown into a global media and technology company? – Google Search).
BuzzFeed says that this history of your movement ? contains a perfect record of where you?ve been in the last month or so. That includes the exact time you arrived at and left anywhere: your office, a bar, that person?s house.?
So if you have been to a certain place that you would rather keep secret, it would be best to stop your iPhone in creating your personal travel journal.
This feature has been on your iPhone since you updated to iOS 7 around September 2013, so if you have not disabled this feature, it probably contains a number of your ?favorite places? that you may not want to share with anyone.
To view your location history, here is what you need to do, and how to shut it down:

1. Go to > Settings.
2. Select > Privacy.
3. Select > Location Services.
4. Scroll down to the end, and go to > System Services.
5. Select > Frequent Locations.
6. Tap on > History (located somewhere at the bottom of the display) .

(Note: It should be mentioned at this point, that ?Frequent Locations? does serve a useful function, especially if you need to remember a specific shop or medical facility that you went to for certain emergencies. Also, there have been reports that some iPhones, even when updated to iOS 7, do not show the ?History? tab on the Frequent Locations section)

7. To get more information on the locations you visited, such as frequency of visits and the amount of time you spent in the place, tap a location to retrieve more data.
8. To Delete any information on a specific location, Tap > Clear History (located at the bottom of the display).
9. If so desired, Turn> Frequent Locations >Off.

Once ?Frequent Locations? is disabled, your iPhone goes back to being your Best Friend Forever, who will keep your secrets with him / her , even if he or she gets replaced by the iPhone 6.

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