How To Get Xperia Z2 Camera App on Any Android Device

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Xperia Z2 Camera (Image Credit to PhoneArena YouTube)
Xperia Z2 Camera (Image Credit to PhoneArena YouTube)

Sony?s Xperia series, particularly the Xperia Z2, has some of the best camera apps built-in with their Android devices. Along with the normal Camera and Video modes, it also has cool features like AR Effect, Motion Graph, Social Live and other cool features. Unfortunately, these features are only exclusive to Xperia Z2, but not until Vipul Velma figured out of a way to put these nifty things in just about any Android device that runs on 4.1 or later.

First, let?s take a look at these features and why you NEED them on your phone.

AR Effect

Social Live

Disclaimer: This is not an official way of getting the Xperia Z2?s camera on your Android device. Therefore, this may damage your phone in the process and you should do this at your own risk. Still, if you?re confident that you?re following the directions properly, there?s really nothing to worry about, but accidents happen, and we won?t be held liable for any damage. This is purely for educational purposes.

Moving on, of course, there are some things that you need to get first before you can load your phone with this awesome camera app.

You need to have a custom recovery for flashing your device?s camera. You can learn how to do it properly by checking this guide. Also, your device needs to have its bootloader unlocked, which is also mentioned in the same guide.

First thing you want to do is make a backup of your device by using TWRP. You?ll be adding some system files for your camera?s use, so if things go awry, you can restore it to its working condition.

Once we?ve got this taken care of, we can resume by downloading the zip file here. Place it somewhere in your phone?s memory where you can locate it easily. Creating a specific folder on the root directory is the best idea for this. We will be using this to install the camera for our phone.

The following steps here are very important so read and follow them carefully.

  1. Boot into TWRP
  2. Tap ?Wipe?
  3. Select ?Cache? and ?Dalvik Cache?
  4. Tap ?Install? and select the zip file you downloaded
  5. Swipe to confirm flashing procedure
  6. After flashing, tap ?Wipe Dalvik/Cache? then tap ?Reboot?
  7. Done

The icons for each of Xperia Z2?s camera apps won?t be in a single app, but rather, each will have individual icons.

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