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How to Get Started with Flickr?s Completely Redesigned Mobile App

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Yahoo updated its Flickr mobile app for Android and iOS with a totally different design. The version 3.0 also offers new features, including video capture and boasts a cleaner interface that is easier to navigate. However, users might get confused on how to get started with the completely redesigned Flickr app.

You?ll Need a Yahoo ID

Yahoo ID is required to start using Flickr 3.0, which means that your Facebook or Gmail accounts are no longer accepted. You will see an Instagram ? like feed upon signing in with each photo containing buttons to comment, favorite and share. Users can share posts to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, text and email.

What to See in the Feed


Flickr needs to fit all the videos and photos in the feed by cropping them. A single tap expands a photo or video and tapping the info button, will show the metadata. This includes the place and time it was taken, as well as the type of camera used. Getting started with the app also means having your feed filled with recommended users. You are free to select who will pop out of your feed.

Filter Option

To filter photos, groups or people, simply swipe down the interface quickly to show the search box and explore button. The Explore button lets you break out of the one ? column, Instagram ? like feed layout and present you with various thumbnails of Flickr?s best.


Navigation buttons are seen at the bottom of the screen. The center button sets you in camera mode, while the left button takes you to the feed, and the right button views your profile and view your photos, videos, albums and your groups. You can delete photos and videos by tapping the Edit button, where you can also adjust your privacy settings.

Video Capture

The photo/video mode lets users access the 14 live filters introduced last year. You can apply this prior to or after taking a shot. However, the newest feature added in Flickr 3.0 is the video capture. You will see still camera and video camera icons beside the shutter button. These buttons allow you to capture up to 30 seconds of high definition video.

Flickr 3.0 lets users use the auto ? sync option to send a backup to Flickr of every photo taken on the phone, select app ? taken photos and save to camera roll, and edit the privacy settings.

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