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How to ‘Get’ Full Versions of iOS Games/Apps Without Jailbreaking

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Let?s admit it. One of the biggest reasons for jailbreaking apps is for people to be able to ?try? out some apps before actually purchasing them OR when they simply want to get an app that they already ?purchased?, but not for a certain device that they have on their hands. Regardless as to what their reasons are, jailbreaking simply means getting apps and games for FREE, and everybody loves it when things are free. Free apps are always the nicest things for your smartphones or tablet (iPad).

Jailbreaking is not without its disadvantages too, however, one of the biggest possible backfires it can do to an iOS device is to void its warranty. A?site that offers full apps also went offline already, so this decreases the reasons of having your device jailbroken too.

Now people will have second thoughts about having their devices jailbroken, but no worries. You can still get FREE full apps without the need to jailbreak by following these instructions.

This one?s a pretty old method, but still works nonetheless. The first thing you need to do is to download the software called ?PP25?. (It is in Chinese, but you don?t have to worry about that too much, because you?ll just have to do a few things to get apps loaded on your iDevice.)

Here?s the link for Windows and Mac

Make sure that you have your iDevice?is connected first before installing the apps. (Which is obvious)

Once you?ve downloaded the software on your computer, install it and run the program. Make sure that you?ve also closed your iTunes, just to be on the safe side of things. Once you open up the program, it will show you the main screen and most of the things on it are in Chinese. On the topmost item in the left hand side of the screen, you can see a ?Home? icon and below it, some sub-items. You just need to click the third item there that looks like a mildly skewed apple logo.

You?ll be sent in another screen, and from there, you can start to search for any app and download them. Once done downloading them, these apps will appear on the downloaded apps list. You can get there by clicking the 2nd main menu item on the left side (a computer monitor) and by clicking the ?downward? icon. From there, you can choose to delete or install the apps you?ve downloaded.

Voila, that?s it. You?ve just downloaded a free FULL version of the app of your choice.

Note: If you launch the app on your iDevice and for some reason, it closes down or asks for an ?iTunes username and password, don?t proceed. Plug your iDevice back to your computer, open PP25 and click the blue button on the topmost right part of the screen. It fixes the problem (sort of synchs your iDevice with the PP25 app)

If you?re still unsure of how you?ll go around these steps, watch the video too.

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