How To Get Full Free Android Apps and Games Without Rooting and Without Having an Account

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Not everybody has an access to an email or gmail account. Surprising as it may be, some people who owns an android phone doesn?t even have an access to a Google account, though there are only a few of them. However, some people don?t really get the most out of their Google accounts on PlayStore for a number of reasons. One thing is that they don?t have a credit/debit card associated with their Google wallet to purchase stuff on PlayStore, or they just don?t want to spend money on little things that they can find there. There are tons of free stuff on the PlayStore, but the best usually comes with a price.

So how do you get to try them out without having to go into the trouble of setting up a bank account or a credit/debit card just to get them? You can try getting these apps in an alternative way. Most of the paid apps are available on sites like and and most of them doesn?t require your device to be rooted at all. Just make sure that your phone?s specifications meet with the app?s requirement, especially the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with certain games like Modern Combat 4, Dead Space, Asphalt 8 etc.

In order to download an app, usually, you?ll be needing to download the APK file and the Cache file, which you usually put on the ?SDCard/Android/Obb? folder on your phone. Also, be sure to have your phone accept installation from Unknown Sources. You can toggle this in the Settings menu of your phone.

To do this, download any desired app by going to any of the sites mentioned above. It is very recommended to do this on your desktop or laptop, instead of using your phone as you might be barraged by endless streams of advertisement (that?s the price you pay for being a freebooter). Once you get both the APK file and the Cache file (usually inside a zip file, just extract the folder that contains the obb file), transfer them on your phone. You can do this by connecting your phone to the computer directly and enabling USB Storage mode.

Once done, disconnect your phone to the computer, launch your File Explorer app (most android sets have this) and browse to the directory on your SD Card where you put the files. Install the apk file first, then once done, copy the associated folder into SDCard/Android/Obb folder.

After this, you can simply launch the game. Some games require root access, but in case they do, you can just root your phone by following this extremely simple guide.

Still, if you have access to these premium apps, remember to keep supporting the authors of these applications, so the Android industry wouldn?t die out. This guide is just for educational and trial purposes only.

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