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How to get free XP for your Lower Level Diablo 3 RoS toon with your Level 70 Character

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Whenever a clever game exploit happens and ?Diablo 3 RoS usually gets a nerf or a blue post on the forums when people have reported the trick, I feel rather sad. I think that players should be allowed to have some tricks up to a point so they can enjoy the game. If these tricks also involve a party of friends it?s a great mechanic to get people interested.

Still, I can?t blame the Blizz devs for wanting to nerf Greater Rift Boss insta-kills and other such tricks. But there?s something to be said about free experience. That?s right; my playteam and I have figured out a way to get your lower level characters free experience by using your level 70 toon.

But what do I mean when I say ?free experience?? I would think it?s free when the character or toon doesn?t do any work to get the experience. You simply login or let your character stand there and get the experience points! An easy way to do this is to simply log on and join a party that?s going through Rifts and Bounties and wait for the experience to arrive. But that leaves you out of the looting and really makes you a bad team mate.

I?ve put together a mechanic that gets you loot for your level 70 toon but gives your lower level characters the experience points. You also still participate in the game. Here?s how:

1. Get a team together (at least one other player) to do Diablo 3 RoS Nephalem Rifts or Bounties.

2. Go through the Rift or Bounty as normal, picking up loot that?s dropped and rolled for your character.

3. At the end of the Bounty or Rift before you have to talk to the quest NPC (Tyrael or Orek), ask your party mate to wait a bit while you change your toon to the character you want to receive the experience points.

4. Once you?ve logged in with your lower level character, speak to the NPC and the experience is awarded to the toon that?s logged on.

Keep in mind that this technique does have its downsides like:

  • You don?t increase your Paragon Points since the experience goes to a character who hasn?t been maxed out.
  • You do start gaining levels quickly for your lower level character but it still tapers off in the end.
  • It is troublesome to change characters.
  • The Horadric cache you get is for the character that acquires it so you aren?t going to be farming your endgame gear while your other toon gets the experience.

Essentially, you?ve made a slave out of your level 70 character. It may be more advisable to use Nephalem Rifts for this trick if you want to get gear for your level 70 toon and experience for your lower level character.

What do you think of this trick I use to get my Diablo 3 RoS Crusader up while I farm gear for my level 70 monk? Drop me a comment!

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