How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Frank Delfino Shave Explained

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How To Get Away With Murder

The hit drama series, How To Get Away With Murder, premiered yesterday. To summarize, it was an intense turn of events. Blessed with a talented cast, in addition to an intense story, season 2 was strongly followed.

Previously on How To Get Away With Murder

Apparently, keeping secrets was normal in order to protect Annalise Keating. However, the sudden turn of events made Frank Delfino run off somewhere. Delfino has always been by his attorney?s side.

As can be seen, the uncovered truth shook the Keating house. Apparently, Bonnie definitely knows the misdeeds of Frank. Sooner or later, Frank will get to Annalise or whichever comes first.

How To Get Away With Murder

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Fans can only wish that neither of them ends up lying on the floor. The premiere didn?t hold anything back, especially the intensity. The fans saw an anxious Annalise as she witnessed something horrible.

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Wes becomes distant to everyone as a result of witnessing a tragic incident. He did, after all, witnessed his father being shot in front of him. Connor, eventually found out that Oliver got rid of his acceptance letter from Stanford. These were just some of the things shown in the episode.

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Apparently, Annalise was in contact with someone else. It was eventually revealed that she?s in contact with another hitman to get rid of the Frank issue. On the flip side, Annalise?s contact had died after Frank got to him.

Frank’s Transformation

Despite the intense turn of events, Frank has undergone a transformation. Due to Frank?s changes, the fans were very much delighted. An interview with Weber has revealed that he wanted his character to be that way.

According to Weber, Frank is existing in a tortured nature. With this in mind, cutting off his beard and hair reflects the situation he?s in, psychologically. In addition, it served as an attempt to cleanse the things he?s done.

According to Weber, Frank has always been a dark guy. In this case, he?s now unmasked and we?ll be able to see the vulnerabilities. Frank?s sole intention is to have his time with Annalise.

Annalise and Weber

On the other hand, there?is still hope for Frank and Annalise. According to Weber, they?re a family or at least for Frank. Hopefully, there?s a way for them to forgive each other?s wrongdoings. For more updates on How To Get Away With Murder, stay tuned at TheBitBag

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