How to Get Away With Murder Mid Season Finale: The Aftermath

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The American TV show How to Get Away with Murder (also famously known when it?s abbreviated as HTGAWM) just made the biggest shocking reveal everyone has been waiting for ever since the start of the third season began on ABC in September this year.

How to Get Away With Murder Build Up

The season has always kept things under wraps and revealed the biggest twist towards the end of the show. It?s sort of been their signature format throughout the seasons. This season though, they took it literally and made everyone guess who was under the sheets.

Although they?ve focused on a bigger picture and different smaller stories, everybody seems to just wait for that shocking reveal.

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Fans of the show have been making theories on who?s under the sheets and as the show progressed. The choices of people kept getting fewer?to the point that?it?s almost impossible who to assume because it?s either the person you think is too impossible or it?s just ridiculous.

How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder

Remember when everyone thought it was Connor Walsh? But the?theory was broken all of a sudden when it transitioned to him in bed with the person who dumped Oliver?

So here?s a little RECAP

The first few episodes of the season focused on Wallace Mahoney?s death. He is?apparently Wes? father. A?whole new mess started in addition to the mess they all made back in the past two seasons.

Also, we can?t forget the whole where-the-hell-is-Frank-why-is-he-gone-he-killed-my-son arc with Annalise Keating who?s played by the award-winning Viola Davis. With her having a target on her back at?the school and just normal craziness with the squad that everyone should be used to by now (but hey, that?s how great the show is right?)

So did Frank shoot himself? Of course not. Did Asher really call Michaela?s mom? Yes, and she was in the episode.

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So who was under the sheets?

Of course the right mind would not go here and read this article expecting there would be no spoilers.

After the journey we?ve been through with the show, this has been the biggest and most shocking reveal they?ve ever done. There hasn?t been a death so beautifully written and crafted, so who is it? Gender: male, age: unidentified, race: black.

So there could only be two options for that, right? Not until Nate Lahey unveiled the sheets and Wes Gibbons appear to be under it. There you have it. The death of Wes Gibbons sent a shockwave throughout the whole Internet and has had people go crazy!

There were: ?I just died?, ?this should be illegal?, ?there?d better be a resurrection? and I speak for everyone when I say, SHOOK.

There hasn?t been any details about the next season but fans have been crying all over the Internet over the death of one of the most prominent characters on the show and they?re already coming up with theories with what they think is going to happen next season.

What?s your reaction and what do you think is in store for us next season? Another death?

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