How To Get a Beta Copy of iOS 8 on Your Device

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iOS 8

Apple recently uncovered the latest iOS firmware in the making, the iOS 8, in a recent Worldwide Developer?s Conference. iOS 8 has tons of new exciting features that many people would like to get their grubby mitts at. Unfortunately, it may take a wee bit of time before you can actually try it out, but there are some methods which you can do in order to get the iOS 8 experience right now.

You need to be either a developer, know one, or be one. This is the only possible way right now, which can help you test out the latest upcoming iOS version on all iDevices which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ?By the way, it?s not that simple to be a developer. You won?t just announce that you are. You will be needing to dish out $99 in order to become one. If that is not too much for you, then that is the fastest way that you can obtain a copy of the firmware.

Let?s assume that you already chose one of these options. The first thing that you need to do is to backup your device. Always backup your device before making any major changes. The safest way to backup your device is via iTunes. There are other methods, but the best one is through this ?official? software.

Now, you need to have your device enrolled in iOS Developer Program in order to download iOS 8. If you know somebody who is a developer of this program, you can ask them to add your device there. If you don?t know anybody, you can sign up for a $99-per year subscription. You don?t have to worry about paying up $99 every year. You are only doing this for the iOS 8 update and you can cancel the subscription later. To add your device,? log in HERE.

In the ?Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles? menu of iOS Developer Program page, click ?Devices?. On the next page, you should look for the ?Devices? item in the left-hand side of the screen. Be sure to click ?All? there. On the right part of the screen, you can, then, add your device by filling up the necessary information. Your device?s UDID should be found on the information while it is connected to iTunes on your computer. (In the summary tab and in serial number)

You will be prompted with an agreement, which you need in order to enable the download of iOS 8. Otherwise, the iOS 8 Beta tab will be grayed out. Look for the yellow notification at the top, as this connects you to the agreement. Once done, you can proceed with downloading the iOS 8 beta.

From here, you can now download the IPSW file for the update. Make sure that you download the right file for your device, otherwise, it won?t work. The model of your device should just be right behind it and it starts with the letter ?A?.

Once done with all these steps, you can just update/restore your device via iTunes like how you would normally do it, except that, when you click the ?Restore iPhone/iPod/iPad? button, you do it while holding the ?alt? or ?command? button on your keyboard. This will let you browse to the IPSW file you just downloaded. Once this is done, all you have to do is just wait for it to finish up, and then you can freely try out iOS 8 afterwards.

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