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How To Gain Access To ALL Paid Apps from Google PlayStore with $100

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Modded PlayStore
Modded PlayStore

There are tons of great apps and games on PlayStore, but let?s admit it. Not all of them are cheap or free. Most of the great games or App on Google PlayStore comes with a price. Sometimes, the prices of these apps are over-the-top, especially titles from Square-Enix and other Bling Apps. (Which doesn?t have any real use except for bragging rights)

This guide is a good extension to?how to get almost any Android app without using your Google account. There?s a catch to this guide though, hence the word ?almost?. Some apps will require you to be constantly online while playing the game, and as we all know, publishers of the game can easily tell whether the copy of the game you?re playing is legit or not — Not all, but most of them will. Another thing is, not ALL the apps you find on Google PlayStore will be immediately available on certain sites that lets you download apk and cache files for the Android app you seek. Another possible issue you might stumble upon is the tendency of these files to be pulled out due to copyright claims, so they won?t be there forever.

Still, there?s a way to obtain ANY app you want from Google PlayStore, but there are some few things that you need to have first before you can proceed into owning everything in the PlayStore, literally.

  • A rooted Android Device (Here?s an easy to follow guide)
  • At least $100? to a debit/credit card you own, which is associated with your Google Wallet account
  • Lack of conscience (Just kidding, but seriously, if you want the developers to keep creating all these awesome games, support them by purchasing a legit copy of their games or apps)
  • Modded Google PlayStore, which you can download here. (Latest version is 4.8.20)

Once you download the modded Playstore, you will have the ability to ?Refund? any purchased app from Google Playstore without having to backup the app. You get your money back, but the app won?t be uninstalled. In any case that this doesn’t work (due to Google?s frequent updates), you can simply use Titanium Backup Pro which is also available at Google PlayStore for a cheap price.

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