How To Fix Gmail Bug Introduced in iOS 8.4 Update

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Dealing with bugs on mobile applications is a daily occurrence and they are oftentimes immediately addressed by system updates, but there is ?oftentimes a need to fix those problems immediately especially if it affects your Gmail account, particularly with the iOS and OS X,? as you might need to see or respond to an important message immediately.

Apple recently released iOS 8.4, which is said to be the ?best iOS update? as it introduces Apple Music, and the OS X 10.10.4 is said to be affecting the Gmail app. When using Apple?s Mail app, users are reportedly unable to send emails or are having difficulty in connecting to certain places. ?The problem is said to be caused by the SMPT errors with OS X 10.10.4 and iOS 8.4.

We know that Gmail is an essential productivity app that needs a quick fix as soon as possible. Here is a way to fix Gmail Bug and?help you keep your gmail up and running again:

Fix Gmail Bug for iOS

Users can disable their SSL to immediately resolve the problem. This however isn?t a recommended fix as it removes a layer of protection for your device.

As reported by Apple Insider, users can also go to their Mail for OS X menu and go to Preferences, click on Accounts, click Advanced in the resulting pane and click the first option which says ?Automatically detect and maintain account settings?. After doing this, you should restart Mail.

Check your Mail if your are still experiencing problems, and if you are, navigate back to the account and check if all the options you did have been applied.?If the problem still persists, you can opt to call your email provider and request a fix or you can wait for the next update which might take long as Android Origin said the problem isn?t widespread and Apple is planning to skip immediately to iOS9 and forego an iOS 8.5 update.

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